Gilberthorpe school

Gilberthorpe school

Friday, 15 July 2016

Risks when using Technology in School

Internet Health & Safety Education

NZSTA Annual Conference 2016
John Parsons

Layering Health and Safety...a defence in-depth approach.  After June 2 2016, certain policies need to be in place.  
We all have a role to play and if one layer does not do its part, it affects the other layers. We are all equal in our job to keep children safe.  Need to empower everybody in an organisation to protect children and ourselves.  
Don't think "What if I am wrong?" Think "What if I am right?"  Create open communication in your organisation.  Important policy...child protection.  Need a number one and a number two lead for who to go to.  
The rule of optimism...makes us lose opportunities to deal with potential risks.

Date, time and location...documents.  Speech marks of what has been said.  Follow that process.  Every member of staff needs to have a strong relationship to the policy. Review, sign and understand the processes.  Test your defences and processes.  

Social media policy.  Define the purpose of communication.  Terms of use.  All staff need to know what platforms are being used.  Need to now what NAG 5 is.  Need to know the process for when we have issues with staff.
NAG 5 responsibilities
a) provide a safe physical and emotional environment for students; and
c) comply in full with any legislation currently in force or that may be developed to ensure the safety of students and employees.
This section outlines the responsibilities of schools to provide a safe physical and emotional environment for students.
15.1. Under National Administration Guideline 5 (NAG 5), each Board of Trustees is required to:
15.2. NAG 5 covers a number of aspects of school life apart from bullying. However, developing and implementing a bullying policy will help schools ensure they are meeting their obligations in relation to providing a safe environment for students.
15.3. Schools are increasingly involved in incidents where the activities of students at home or in their own time have an impact on the life of the school. One example is a student creating inappropriate digital content on their own digital technology, whether at school or not. Schools have the responsibility and the power to act when any such content could reasonably be expected to impact negatively on the school learning environment.
Netsafe Kit for Schools.  Use of laptops of teachers...cannot let students use their computers or family members.  Other people's mistakes can affect all involved.  Should not be left in space with no teacher.  No teacher should have a social network connections with students.  Confident messages put out...
Capable guardians...
Note taking...make sure teachers are good at taking notes and documenting things.  
Guardian failure when letting kids play R18 games.  Be brave in expecting more from people.  

Demonstrate compassion on a daily basis.  


  1. "when letting kids play R18 games" - this is a real concern... what can we do to make a difference here?
    At school I feel like we are doing our best, how do we protect our kids at home?

  2. I don't think we can do anything to protect kids from what happens at home, we can help educate them around what is right and what is wrong though. I think as part of our cyber safety/KOS programmes, we can do more in terms of educating children about these games and how they do not have any reflection in society.