Gilberthorpe school

Gilberthorpe school

Friday, 15 July 2016

Treaty Responsive Curriculum

Treaty Responsive Curriculum

NZSTA Annual Conference 2016
Tamsin Hanley

To help Boards and staff to better meet their Treaty obligations.

Are teachers teaching New Zealand history?  There are many stereotypical and almost racist history teaching.  
There are standard stories which are presented as being accurate.  These include ideas such as Māori wanting Christian God, Māori colonised Moriori and Māori get privileges.
New Zealand Curriculum states: "acknowledges the principles...", "explore the unigue bicultural nature of  NZ and... " 

Te Whiti...update encouraged us to study him.  

To enact a Treaty principle, you need to have an understanding of the different versions.  
No specific mention in Years 0-8 about the Treaty.  Comes in at Level 5 and is only if you choose certain subjects.  Schools and can potentially go through primary school and never hear anything about this content.  Secondary they learn about British monarchy but of Kingitanga.  To be able to do this, teachers need to understand this content before teaching and this is not happening.

A Curriculum Programme-Divided into 6 topics.  

Te Ao Māori o Neherā
British Isles
Two Worlds Meet
Te Tiriti o Waitangi
Pākeha Responses
Māori Responses

Having an accurate understanding of New Zealand histories, enables Boards and staff to respond in an informed way when dealing with meeting Treaty obligations.  

Interesting points- 
We have cultural days but not often things to celebrate our Pakeha culture.  
BOT commitment, staff commit, design own frames.  
Treaty principle is the least evident.  Ka Hikitia etc are still very slow moving.  Hautū has been set up for boards.  
Not going to see changes because we cannot successfully enact when our knowledge is not credible.  Teachers need options about how to teach our history.  Institutions need to educate selves.  Can't honour if we don't know and understand what we are honouring.

Maori History Curriculum Goals...Treaty Principle we know what these are?

What this means for me...Up skill and expand understanding and knowledge of our accurate history...(Buy the books).  


  1. "Teachers need options about how to teach our history."
    I really agree with this statement - we seem to have all the resources and support for other subjects but not this one. I understand the history from an adults point of view, but how to portray this to the students in an accessible way is tricky at times - especially for the junior school!

  2. I look forward to seeing these resources, could be the catalyst we need.