Gilberthorpe school

Gilberthorpe school

Friday, 15 July 2016

NZSTA Conference 2016

NZSTA Conference 2016

Effective Governance: Accelerating educational success for every learner
Pio welcomes us.

So here we are at the 27th annual NZSTA Conference in Wellington.  Our day started early as we wondered around Wellington looking for the TSB Arena.  Finally made it after a five minute walk and help from friendly locals.  

President's address...Lorraine Kerr

Our conference theme...accelerating success for every learner...that is every learner.
Each learner is our responsibility.  
As a board not have a hidden agenda.
Every child, together.  As a board member you have an obligation to up skill.  Value yourselves, NZSTA offer development and building of skills for free.  In the interest of every child in this country.  
We don't hear about the work done around board tables.  This weekend is about developing skills and becoming better equipped to provide for each and every learner in this country, with the best opportunitites that we can.

Keynote Speaker- Katrina Casey acting Secretary for Education

It's all about the kids.  

Everything we do, is about the kids.  From a background in corrections, Katrina has seen the outcome of kids having little education.  Education is the single biggest thing you can do to give kids choice.  
Boards are a critical element to our education system.  
We need to work closer together even though we work in different parts of the sector. All views need to be heard.  
Conference song...We Stick Together.  The definition of we will define how well we provide for our kids.  Need to work together.  There are around 12 000 board members nationwide.

Changes being made because they need to be.  Our education system has been working for most kids for a long time.  Cannot move forward unless you recognise the past.  Can make changes now because of the work done before.  Recognise the work of people who have been before you.

Education work programme...funding.  Is it time to make funding changes?  Research has been done to see how other countries have done this.  For other sectors, outcomes can be easily measured but achievement is not so obvious for every single child.  Changes will not be implemented until 2020.  

Education Act 1989 is being looked at.  What kind of flexibility do we need in legislation to get the best results for our kids.  Strengthening the teaching profession.  Without support and dedication from teachers, all things in place will mean nothing.  New roles being developed.  There are pockets of best practice in schools.  True acknowledgement to the best, Prime Minister's Education Excellence award.  Look at best practice in our school and see if we should be entering awards.  Currently not enough entries from primary schools.  

Teaching Practice + Learning Environment=Best Outcomes

Communities of Learning
How can we get different types of schools to collaborate and learn together?  What are the pathways that kids take through the education system.  Where do they come from and where do they go to? Transition points are difficult for kids. Schools tend to assess children on entry.  This is because we don't have a flow on of information from Early Childhood to primary to secondary.  Looking at the kids in our local community pathway.  

For boards, think about involvement in Communities of Learning.  Our kids are no longer our kids just when they are at our school.  They are our kids from early learning and until they leave secondary and move on to other areas of their lives.  

Change is in the wind.  The future design is being co constructed.  Ministry need ears on to make sure we are being heard. 

Every single parent in New Zealand should know what education needs of kids are and what a good education looks like.  Parent voice needs to be heard and we want parents to be able to go to school and demand that their kids are getting the best education.

When we say it's all about the kids, do we know what that means?  Is this the decision really in the best interest of our kids.  All kids are our kids.  

Question time- 
Curriculum and National Standards being about Literacy and Numeracy
Communities of Learning-who does this involve? Workshop needed at the conference.  
Assessment being dictated by National Standards
How does our thanks as board members reflect in our meeting fees and the need for people attending conference, to take time off work?

The room is filled to the brim.
Conference attendees...made it and still going.

Associate Minister of Education Hon. Nikki Kaye

Boards are an integral part of our school system.  
Network for Learning and the Managed Network-We are one of the few countries in the world with all schools having internet and uncapped data.  
Spoke about what the current ministry have done, are doing and intend to do around infrastructure.

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