Gilberthorpe school

Gilberthorpe school

Monday, 12 October 2015

Maximising Potential Course

Maximising Potential in Maori Learners Workshop

Presented by Ralph Pirozzo

from Promoting Learning International

In term three I attended a workshop which looked at Maximising Potential in Maori Learners.  What I found, was that the strategies and the ideas shared, are actually relevant and effective for all learners. 

Some of the main ideas are not new but the way of using these is new to me.  It was good to have a reminder about some things that I have not really used in recent times.

The workshop was around Bloom's Taxonomy, Multiple Intelligences and a planning matrix that considers preferred ways of learning and incorporates the different levels of thinking.  It combines the two to ensure learners are able to develop deeper level thinking while learning in ways that comes naturally to them while also presenting some challenge.

The way that I intend to use this learning, is to establish the top three learning preferences of learners and plan units using the matrix to ensure learning experiences are varied and are deliberate in allowing learners of all styles to be exposed to a range of opportunities in which their preferred styles can shine.
These are my notes that I took throughout this extremely refreshing and interesting day.

Lee-Anne Waho October 2015