Gilberthorpe school

Gilberthorpe school

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Getting it Right

A reminder of what our foundation needs to be built on...

When we visited Waitakiri School, there were certain visuals that were presented that show the importance of getting what we as teachers do, right.  We have said all along that the teaching pedagogy or the method or practice of what we do is the most important.

As we move along in our continuing journey of progress, development and change, there are many factors that we are developing and trying to implement to best serve our learners.  We have changes in our buildings, increased use of technology and working in teams of teachers in a shared environment.  

These visuals remind us of how things can work out depending on what we have as a foundation.
Technology is a tool to help learning, not be the only means to learning.
The physical environment does not create or promote outcomes on it's own.  It serves as another way to maximise learning.
Collaborative teaching on it's own may not work in isolation.
If we fail to do any of these things well, we will create chaos.
When we have a foundation based of effective teaching strategies, our learning is student focussed and our teaching teams work effectively together, we are better equipped to integrate technology and other resources and work within flexible learning spaces to competently do what we are all here to do...improve learning outcomes for all students and keep our school vision alive.

On the pathway for success, growing confident, collaborative, lifelong learners in an ever changing world.