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Gilberthorpe school

Friday, 15 July 2016

Accelerating Student Achievement

Accelerating Student Achievement

NZSTA Annual Conference 2016
Education Review Office
Linda Pura-Watson

What is ERO doing in 2016?  The reason we are in these roles is because of what combines us...children.  Aiming to be the best they can be.  What we want is what everybody wants.  Data is about providing good information to make good decisions.  These decisions create cultures that accelerate learning.  This learning is for everyone.  

Equity and Excellence
What does equity mean?  Ensuring that children in our school shave opportunities and skills to achieve excellence.  Who defines this excellence?  Curriculum and ERO have developed indicators.  Boards, schools and communities define what excellence looks like in their own community.  

Everybody has culture to value.  It is all interconnected.  Kids are at the forefront.  
This document is going live in August.

Ka Hikitia
When we accelerate achievement for Māori, we accelerate achievement for all.  

ERO evaluations are intended to be a catalyst for change.  
For the majority of children in this country, they are getting a good education.  ERO has looked at what they do, to help what we do.  Identify the names and needs of children who are most needing support.

Doing it Differently
Trying to work with schools to do what they need to be doing to work with the children who need acceleration.  Potential approach.
Truth without relationship will result in rejection.  We need a professional relationship.
Acceleration Student Achievement: Māori

How does the school respond to Māori children whose learning and achievement need acceleration?
In our school, how are things linked?

Pre Review-Sense Making
Let us know what you need to know.  Ask the questions of ERO before they come.  We can get information.  Provide information early.  Supply it all.  Take control and be a master of the next step of what happens.  Tell your school story.  Your are not bound by paper. Use what you need to use to tell your story.  

Reviews include National Standards but is not all of it.  We are sharing our data and learning information.  
Internal Evaluation 
Find the person who will give you the information you need.  

Onsite-Doing it Differently
Have professional conversations early.
Talk about data and learning information. You don't need to have all the answers, but you do need to ask the questions.  That is the power of change.
How?  Be a part of the process, ask questions, answer questions and stay informed. 

Start with data.  What do we see?  What does acceleration look like?  Is the curriculum right for those kids?  A hui is not parents being engaged with learning.  Enhance professional capability.  If it is not working, find another way.

We need to fix the belows.  Notice, investigate, make sense of it, prioritise for action and impact.  
What is so?
Why is it so?
So what?
What now?
What evidence will you need to monitor?

Acceleration.  Is it a plan for progress or a plan for acceleration?  How to address the disparity?  Need to define what acceleration looks like for each child.  ERO influences change, BOT implements change.

Raising achievement plan...line of sight to those children whose learning and achievement needs acceleration.
What is the plan to accelerate learning?
What did ERO's findings say?  Call it what you want as the concept is the key.  
It's about numbers, names and needs and strengths.  What school conditions should become the focus?  ERO follow up six months later, how the plan is working.  How is the implementation going and what is the progress children are making.
Together we will know the next steps...we are on this journey together.

HOT-Honest, Open, Two way

Ko te Tamaiti te Pūtake o te Kaupapa
The Child-the Heart of the Matter


  1. I feel like we have a lot of these checks in place... well done us!

  2. I think we do, we could benefit by unpacking these documents further but they have been utilised in some of the decision making so far. it is vital that we remember why we are all here in the first place- to raise student achievement!