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Gilberthorpe school

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Teaching and learning toolkit- Australia- Fantastic food for thought.

Hi everyone.

I stumbled onto this website via the Virtual Learning Network (VLN).  It is fantastic!  It provides a variety of readings that looks into a wide variety of interventions/teaching techniques and their impact.

I have provided links to 4 here that I would like everyone to read and make comment on.

Essentially what you see below is that, done effectively, feedback can accelerate progress and achievement by 8 months when compared to "normal" or traditional approaches.

Interesting to see that the physical environment has 0 months.  I believe this is due to limited research because of how recent many of these environments are and also the fact that as we are learning, the environment doesn't accelerate progress on its own, what we do inside that environment has the greatest impact.  The environment however makes many things possible e.g. collaboration.


Feedback   + 8 months

Meta cognition- Self regulated learning  + 8 months

Collaborative learning   +  5 months

Digital technology  + 4 months

Physical environment   + 0 months


  1. These are all interesting readings. The physical environment changes may not be relevant to what we are preparing for. Obviously other factors affect the environment.
    I find it interesting that the digital technology research has found an increase in achievement of 4 months. As it says, it depends greatly on how the technology is being used.
    A next step for me would be looking more into self regulated learning, feedback and collaborative learning strategies. What should I consider?
    I think this part of these readings has particular significance at this stage in our journey~
    Effective use of technology is driven by learning and teaching goals rather than a specific technology: technology is not an end in itself.
    Are you clear about how you expect the introduction of technology to improve learning? New technology does not automatically lead to increased achievement.
    Technology should support students to work harder, for longer or more efficiently to improve their learning.
    Motivation to use technology does not always translate into more effective learning, particularly if the use of the technology and the learning outcomes are not closely aligned.
    Teachers need support and time to learn to use new technology effectively. This involves more than just learning how to use the technology; it should include support to understand how it can be used for learning.

  2. That is a really useful resource! Thanks for sharing. That it gives reference to to the reliability of the research gives the readings credibility. I also searched peer tutoring, which I found had a 5 month acceleration on achievement.

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  4. All of these links provide very interesting research.
    Feedback and self-regulated learning are tools that we should be focusing on using as teachers. I would love to find more ways to create self-regulated learners in the junior hub. Numeracy pathways and writing requirements are already being used but it would be great to find ways to ensure students reflect on this on their own.
    I think the new environments will provide students with more opportunity to seek feedback and collaborate with a range of others. The environment will not create learners, but more opportunities to learn.