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Gilberthorpe school

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Hautu~ Maori Cultural Responsiveness Self Review Tool

Hautu~ Maori Cultural Responsiveness Self Review Tool

for Boards of Trustees

NZSTA Workshop 31 August 2015
 NZSTA are holding a number of workshops to support boards in their governance role within their schools.  One of these workshops in Christchurch recently was around the Hautu resource which is a tool for Maori cultural responsiveness and self review for Boards of Trustees.  

The workshop was basically looking at this tools but it also encompassed much more.  

This resource supports boards of trustees to meet their accountabilities by reviewing cultural responsiveness in their school.

Hautū is designed to be flexible and to help boards assess, plan and increase their cultural responsiveness no matter what level they are at now. Hautū aligns with the four key areas of governance; Board leadership, representation, accountability and employer roles.
By strengthening and fulfilling their roles effectively as trustees, boards will deliver stronger governance. Working with Hautū also supports boards to meaningfully implement Ka Hikitia - Accelerating Success 2013-2017 within their work and to make decisions that support Māori learners to enjoy and achieve education success, as Māori.
Boards have a responsibility to:
~set future directions for successful learning of Māori students
~be accountable for the performance of Māori student achievement
~ensure Māori stakeholders in their community are represented in governance, planning and decision making
~ensure their school is a good employer by supporting school staff to teach and support Māori students effectively.

Key ideas and learning for me~

I particularly liked the use of the waka hoe as a concept for understanding and strengthening the roles and responsibilities of culturally responsive Boards.

We had discussion around what evidence we have that we are meeting our accountabilies for Maori student success?  What implications do Boards face?  We looked at the importance of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and what this means for Boards.  The National Administrative Guidelines showed us our legislated responsibilities. 

For us at Gilberthorpe School

The next step for us at Gilberthorpe School is to ensure all our Board members and our teaching staff are familiar with the Hautu tool as well as a good understanding of Ka Hikitia Accelerating Success 2013-2017.  These documents will help guide us in our journey to raising achievement for our Maori learners.

See here for more information~ Hautu Tool and Ka Hikitia

Lee-Anne Waho
Mahuru 2015


  1. Kia ora Lee-Anne and thanks to you and Penny for attending this. We have made some progress this year in becoming more culturally responsive and the work we are currently doing and what we learn from workshops like this will be put into effect as soon as possible. Ka Hikitia is a great document, linking this to our appraisal is one step but taking the time to unpack it with all staff would be a great step next. He waka eke noa :-)

  2. Kia Ora Lee-Anne, thanks for sharing the details of yesterday's course. I also like the visual representation of the waka hoe. Time to unpack Ka Hikitia collectively as a staff would be very useful exercise.