Gilberthorpe school

Gilberthorpe school

Monday, 25 May 2015

Derek Wenmoth on "does a MLE suit all learners?"

Quite an interesting article with Derek's thoughts on if MLE's suit everyone.

Does a MLE suit all learners?


  1. A very interesting article. It looks at the other side of the coin - "does a single cell classroom suit all learners." I guess that the answer to both are "it depends" - there are so many factors that are important when making a decision to change the environment that we work in. We need to make sure that we as educators are ready - can differentiate; can provide all learners with what they need. We definitely need to be on the same page, MLP is crucial to making this work.

  2. Again it is said here that what counts most is the practice. This part in particular is what I intend to focus on and develop:
    The characteristics of modern learning practice (MLP) then are likely to include:

    #learners having greater agency in their learning, able to navigate their pathways in ways that are appropriate to them
    #greater evidence of collaboration among and between students, among and between teachers, and between students and teachers
    #teachers working collaboratively with larger numbers of students, ensuring the needs of particular groups and individuals are being met while others are working in self directed groups etc.
    #greater focus on self directed learning, including emphasis on learners taking more responsibility for accumulating evidence of their learning for assessment purposes.
    I think many needs of individuals are capable of being met with greater efficiency when working within a collaborate environment with modern learning practices being in place. Many hands make light work and two minds are greater than one.