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Gilberthorpe school

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Carol Dweck- Growth v Fixed mindset and the Bridge to yet.

Carol Dweck is an american professor who has provided some amazing research on the development of children and their learning.   This TED talk looks at building growth mindsets in our students.

There is a link below to view the clip and a link to her wikipedia page.

Really interesting information.

TED talks have some fantastic educational clips, access this website through our links page on this blog.

Carol Dweck- Wikipedia

Carol Dweck- TED talk The bridge to yet

Please post any relevant comments or reflections on this clip.

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  1. Not yet - is a great way to word the national standards (something we are looking at because of reporting at the moment). We know that these are not something that reflects every child truthfully, all students can meet them at their own time and pace.
    Students effort, practise and engagement are more important! We need to promote a love of bettering ourselves, creating lifelong learners not just students who get good grades from little effort, but students who push themselves into that sticky learning place, where they are being challenged to be smarter.
    Growth mindset is something we should definitely be promoting for our students. There is always room for improvement, we as teachers work on improving our lessons on a daily basis. So why not, challenge our students to believe that not knowing something yet is not the end of the world. Get students to work in that sticky learning phase, where they are being challenged and getting smarter!
    What an awesome TED talk!