Gilberthorpe school

Gilberthorpe school

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The beginning of our journey into Modern Learning environments!

Exciting times are coming for our school and community with news that in 2015 our school will be modernised as we move into 21st century learning!

The remainder of 2014 will allow us to come together as a staff to re visit what we value and believe are key ingredients in a 21st century environment.

A modern learning environment essentially means an environment that is current and also reflective of the needs of our students and whanau.

The entire Gilberthorpe community will be involved in this process.

It is vital that we have the opportunity to discuss effective teaching practice, and effective teaching environments in order to gain a shared understanding before moving forward and thinking about what our physical classes may look like.

We have begun work with Core education and the Ministry to help educate us through seminars, readings and visits in order to create our own vision for us @ Gilberthorpe.

Watch this space as I update our progress and provide links to various fantastic websites containing research and living and breathing examples.

Ka kite ano


  1. After reading the Myross school description of their MLE ( Modern Learning Environment) I thought the individual licences were a great idea. Students at the beginning of the licence stage were teacher directed towards meeting their learning goals and students after achieving future licence stages were moving towards directing their own learning.

    1. This is a great idea, Raelene - in our small group discussion at the first MLE Readiness Seminar, I heard James Petronelli mention that Clearview does this too. I spent 7 weeks at Discovery a few years back, and they had something similar - a "Trust License" students could earn so that they could go to specific areas in the CBD (!) on their own if it was required for their learning. Obviously the school had lots of policies/procedures that were specific to their setting! Not every student wanted to earn it, but it was pretty motivating for students who did want to, and could see how it would benefit their individual learning journey.

      That's a long way of saying "Sounds great, Raelene!"

  2. Raelene, I totally agree and I could see this working in our school :D I think trust is a big thing in this situation but having a different level license is a great idea - We could look at it like the NZ drivers license and the three levels involved in that.

  3. I think this seeems a great idea aswell, I like the ides of giving kids high levels of trust and encouraging them to "step up", obviously this needs to be well managed but I think students will find it empowering and again it will help with one of the goals we are trying to achieve of giving students more ownership of their learning.

  4. This is interesting watching...just as some background of the education system and what 21 Century Education means...