Gilberthorpe school

Gilberthorpe school

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Cluster Writing Moderation

Writing Moderation 2017

Our session started with introductions of our fellow cluster leaders of Literacy.  

We then looked at one piece of writing and marked solo.  As a group we discussed similarities and differences in our scores.  
We then looked at samples of writing from across the cluster and worked together to determine scores using the e-asTTle Rubric.  Scores were entered into a sheet which identified the marker from each school and the moderator's scores.  When marks were different, we then looked a little deeper and had more input from lead teachers.  

The rubric we use:

Two pairs discussing writing samples.

A lot of thought and discussion goes into this process.

Lead Teachers from Gilberthorpe with flash sign in stickers.

So how did we compare?

The charts below show the mark given by the teachers of our school (A), the moderator's score (B) and the difference between the two (C).  
In the Junior Hub, marks given by teachers and the marks given from the cluster lead teacher moderators are very consistent with very little difference.  One sample caused quite a it of discussion.  Unfortunately scores were not added to the cluster sheet so we will add these later.  
In the Senior Hub, three teachers marked the samples individually.  For the moderation session, the middle score or most common was used.  As a hub, we have some more discussions ahead as some of our scores varied and in some cases had a difference of three marks.  We can now use the moderator scores and our initial thinking to make clearer and more consistent decisions around marking using the e-asTTle Rubrics. 

I think it is really important to be aware of the inconsistencies in interpretation and marking of writing samples using these rubric.  Below is a table showing scores given by two different moderators at the cluster moderating meeting.  The variations in some marks given in sentence structure and punctuation in particular, show that the scores given by the lead teachers are not necessarily the correct score.  These show we still have much discussion to do.  
I wonder also, do the rubrics need to be updated and made clearer?  The tools we use need to be fair and consistent in order for our children to be getting accurate information about their ability and achievement in all areas of the curriculum, and in this case in particular, Writing.


  1. This is really interesting feedback. We really do need to keep on having discussions around this.

  2. It was a really interesting day and was great learning for me. I think we do need to keep discussing things to make sure we are all on the same page.

  3. This is interesting and it is also good to know how we are marking compared to others. I feel quite good after this seeing that how we have marked as the juniors is on par. With this writing assessment it always creates lots of discussions and this is something that I enjoy.

  4. It is always good to get this feedback from moderators. Good to know where we sit in regards to the marks given by us vs. the moderators. It is always good when work generates discussion, it is a good way to learn when we discuss our results and reasonings.