Gilberthorpe school

Gilberthorpe school

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Unpacking Learn Create Share in a way thats not so scary

Recently, I ran a staff meeting around Learn Create Share.
Ironically, it was the first staff meeting that I'd attended since joining my new school. The upside to this was that there was no precedent to follow... No pre-existing notion of what it "should" look like.
Here's the basic presentation to guide the discussion:

We looked at each definition, without the "Learn" "Create" or "Share" attached to it, in order to ensure that we weren't overthinking it. 
Within our cluster, our Uru Manuka Leaders of Learning PLG has identified that we do have a shared understanding of what Learn Create Share is... it just differs slightly from what it should be, by the Manaiakalani definition. After much robust discussion, we came to the conclusion that the initial definition was accurate and we needed to align our own understandings with it. After all, the immense research that has gone into the concept backs it up... who are we to question it through our own ignorance!

What next... How on Earth were we to take this eye opener back to our schools!
We were all in agreement that going back and telling our colleagues that everything we had thought about what Learn Create Share was wrong (after two and a half years of building that pedagogy, I might add...) was not an appealing option.
My approach, was to utilise the feelig that I had that everyone was doing a lot of things already, but they didn't understand how their great practise actually aligned within Learn Create Share.
I decided to take each definition and put it to the teachers: 
What happens in your hub that falls under this heading?

We compiled our ideas onto large sheets, using post-it notes...
Here's what we came up with... Compiled into a piktochart Infographic:

My next step is to align my Critical Inquiry etc, with a lens that accommodates a Learn Create Share view, from a teachers perspective also:


  1. This was a fantastic session Mel, it was well delivered and everyone took a lot from it. I think through the process we all gained a lot more clarity around the LCS framework and its power. We have moved forward further with our thinking and are discovering that this process is not linear but each can happen at any stage, supporting each of the other elements. A great start from you in helping us develop and understand this further, I look forward to the next ;-)

  2. Thanks Andrew! It was an absolute pleasure and has been a great way to share understanding of the pedagogical practise that is happening within our school and surrounding cluster. I know that the way that we delivered this back to our staff has been used, when looking at implementing the same process, in and around the cluster ;-) Next... Throw me the topic and I'll run with it!

  3. The part I liked most about this session was that we were all able to list examples of what we can do for Learn, Create and Share. I think we are in a good place as far as understanding of this goes and we may have over complicated things for ourselves. This was a good time to bring our understanding together and create a shared understand and affirm the path we are on.

  4. This was a good meeting (even if it did confuse me at times :) to really realise that learn, create, share is not an extra thing that needs to be added on top of everything else, but is something we are naturally including in our teaching.