Gilberthorpe school

Gilberthorpe school

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Hornby Lead Teachers PLG

Friday 10th June
Hornby Lead Teachers PLG

Every term in week 6 I attend a PLG for Manaiakalani. This is such a great chance to talk with others in our cluster about what they are doing in their schools and how everything is going.

The first thing we did was watch a video about an adaptable mind. This was really inspirational - it made me think about the values we are teaching in our school and it also gave me some hope for our students future. It is nice to think that we will never be fully replaced by technology and human traits are becoming more and more important as we develop.
We talked about our online support person Tania Coutts and that all members of our school have access to her. I will show you how to get in contact if you would like, let me know. She is there to help support us with our tasks for students or if we have any questions.

I also signed up my class to Tuhi Mai Tuhi Atu which means write to me write to others. Hopefully this will help get our blog posts looked at and give us the chance to see what else is happening in our cluster and around new zealand with learning.

We then talked about the SAMR model and how this is useful for our students and the learn, create, share model. A good idea from this was to use it in inquiry as a bit of a model.

Mark then introduced to us to a couple of resources.
A very cool Current Events page made by teachers in the MDTA program. This is linked to year levels and provides a very cool learning task for students
And the Manaiakalani Google class on air - which is where you can go and watch teachers teaching in their class - modelling, warts and all (as Mark said). I am so keen to spend some time watching these and getting ideas!

Then we worked on explaining SISOMO through DLTools.
Here are some ideas on tools to use and explore

I did mine on mindmup
These were shared to the google plus community - Hornby cluster under learn, create, share.

We then watched a video from Dorothy around create! It is not just writing or making a doc. It is about things that weren't available before now. In her blog post she says “One of the foundation goals of Manaiakalani is to"motivate our learners  to engage with the curriculum" and a significant driver for engagement has been our intentional use of modern technologies to enable creativity to play a significant part in learning and teaching opportunities.
Here is a link to her blog post and the video
Digital Learning Objects (DLO)



If you want to know the background to Manaiakalani watch edtalk video by Pat Snedden. Well worth the hour long watch.

Digi awards next term - should we be doing this… is there just too much on at the moment? Something interesting to think about and do… Do our students have enough tools to perform? Would it be good for them to be involved so that they can see what other schools are doing?

The topic this year is “Be The Change!” - it could be anything a photo or slide or video or more! So much learning! Can do it in groups!


  1. Wow, this looks like a huge day of learning! I really like the idea of the Tuhi Mai Tuhi Atu work, blogging is such a genuine way to encourage the students to share their work with a larger audience, it would be great if they can get regular feedback on their learning, especially from their peers as we know this makes a significant difference.

    My only concern sometimes with these days is that another 10 different ideas come out, which can pull you in different directions, trying to juggle too many balls. I guess today outs them out there and it is up to you to decide what you decide to run with and what you shelf for another time.

    I do think it is crucial that we focus on quality not quantity.

    Looking forward to seeing the impact inside the classroom! I am sure you will be dazzling us with something in no time.

  2. Wow...I really wish I was there. It was obviously a great day of sharing and learning which is always motivating and inspiring. Imagine our conversations about our learners and how we can support their learning...I feel a gate crash in term three coming on.

    I am really enjoying and seeing the value of our work as a cluster. It is great seeing certain tools being shared, used and valued. I shared about Screencastify at the Cluster Toolkit and now Hornby Primary are using it in Numeracy. I checked out their blog and was introduced to MindMup and now we are using it in Reading. We have such an awesome bank of resources within our community and I love how you Kelsey, actively seek these out rather than waiting for things to come to you.
    I'm looking forward to implementing some of your learning...and I'm sure it will be dazzling. Let's do this!! (Insert fist pumping bitmoji).

  3. There is certainly a lot of cool tools here, I'm looking forward to coming to the senior block and seeing all the work you guys are doing especially with these different tools.

    I loved the video about the adaptable mind, I found it really inspirational too especially the fact that it is now "how you bring your unique perspective to connect ideas in new ways that differentiates you." There are so many complex skills that students need to learn so it's nice to know that the most important things just boil down to being human! Makes it feel much more achievable to help ready students for the big wide world.