Gilberthorpe school

Gilberthorpe school

Friday, 20 May 2016

“Different, but not wrong – just different!”

Yesterday I was able to listen to Alison Mooney

She was talking about relationships with others, how we are all different, and of course that is ok.
She talked about 4 different personality types and we fit into. While we can blend in to more than one, we are dominant in one area.

The PRECISE personality – love to do it right
KEY STRENGTH -love to get things done in a logical and orderly manner.  Their focus is on completing the task with excellence. e.g.  They struggle to leave a job incomplete.  They bring huge value to any organisation with their critical skills and strategies.

The POWERFUL personality – loves to take charge.
KEY STRENGTH – is that you know what can be achieved and clearly see the immediate gain. For example, you focus on results and outcomes, therefore you can make decisions quickly. You have an authoritative and convincing presence, naturally gravitating to leadership roles.

The PEACEFUL personality – love to create a non-threatening environment
KEY STRENGTH – best at nurturing and building a cohesive team, the ultimate ‘diplomat’. Easy to get along with and are valued for their non-abrasive manner. Because they listen well they bring clarity to any meeting.

The PLAYFUL personality – desire is to have fun.
KEY STRENGTH – is that they know how to bring energy and life into dull situations. For example, they have the knack of making meetings interesting and lively. The  most important contribution “Playfuls” make in the workplace is their high energy and enthusiasm. They will stay optimistic and buoyant in uncertain times – e.g.  restructuring, pressured time frames.

While it was fun to listen to what each personality I was most like, and the strengths and weaknesses of my personality, there was  more I could take from what I was learning.

We as teachers are always striving to meet the individual needs of our students, cater for the different ways they learn, and plan/deliver lessons that are engaging for all. Surely then as professionals we  should apply this philosophy to strengthen the relationships we have with our colleagues, to work together successfully.

It is not only important to understand what you need yourself to be successful, but to understand what others need and how they work. If you are able to present information, or work with a colleague in a way that also meets their needs, then surely no matter the task we should be able to be successful.

For me this was another way of looking at how we can strengthen relationships in our workplace.
After all we all have the same end goal WE ALL WANT THE BEST LEARNING POSSIBLE FOR OUR CHILDREN…

It has got me thinking ...Maybe we should take the time to understand our colleagues rather than getting frustrated with the differences so that we can strengthen the collaborative environment we are working in.


  1. I love the summary you have given here Rebecca. It sums each type of personality up nicely.
    I totally agree with your thoughts on what we do with this information. The, so now I know what type of personality you are, now what? One workshop I attended look at these types and how they may respond in different situations. We looked at ways we treat each other and how we can adjust what we do, so people are being treated how they want to be treated, which is not necessarily how I may want to be treated.
    I am really keen to do some work with our staff around this. It would be interesting and insightful to see who our squares, triangles, Zs and circles are.

    1. I totally agree with you Lee-Anne! It would be awesome to look into this as a staff! I cant make up my mind as to which one I am... a little bit of this and that haha

  2. This is really well written post Rebecca and I am intrigued to find out more from your course. Reading the personality types I can see that I am very clearly one if not two of these. While reading it made me think of our collaborative team and how we could better understand each and every one of us by having a little insight into each other and the personalities that we bring to the team. I am interested in finding out more about this.

  3. This is a fantastic post. You have summarised the day brilliantly and I think that the rest of our staff will find this incredibly useful. I agree with your point around getting to know the staff in greater detail and using these strengths to our advantage. I think far too often we assume that everyone else will "get" what we mean, knowing our learners is critical so surely knowing our teachers is equally critical.
    As a leadership team, we have discussed looking into this further and perhaps undertaking some professional development around this, what do others think?

  4. This is really cool it can be so easy to forget that everyone learns, understands and works in different ways. I'm still learning everyone's personality traits so it will be cool to see where they match in with this as I learn more about everyone.